Woodrow Wilson was known as a great U

Woodrow Wilson was known as a great U.S. president and he was the 28th president. The people of a no one can say when city called Staunton in Virginia claim Wilson was born there on the 28th of December in 1856, but, no one can say when the Wilson when and how the Wilson family ended up in the city of Augusta in Georgia before he became one year old. The Wilson family did not relocate from Georgia until young Woodrow was a teenager. At this time, the family decided to relocate to the city of Columbia, in South Carolina. Young Woodrow Wilson, whose birth name was According to history, Thomas Woodrow Wilson was his original name as Woodrow enrolled at Davidson College he remained enrolled there for a brief period before moving on to Princeton, graduating in 1879. Upon his graduation, Woodrow enrolled in the Law Program at the University of Virginia. Few year later, Woodrow Wilson earned Doctorate degree after studying at John Hopkins.