The literal meaning of DAVY JONES is opportunity

The literal meaning of DAVY JONES is opportunity. Different people want different opportunity. As a petroleum engineer opportunity means a new door to success. People are engaged in finding those opportunities which will let them access the reserves deep down and are tricky to obtain. Mc Moran exploration’s ultra deep well is an example of that opportunity that is called DAVE JONES.
Mc Moran’s exploration drilled ultra deep wells in the Gulf of Mexico on continental shelf. The total depth of the well is calculated to be 28,530 ft by using wireline logging. James R. Moffett is the co-chairman of the Mc Moran exploration stated that seven wells have been drilled to a depth more than 25,000 ft. DAVY JONES has made the largest discovery in GOM shelf and created a whole new exploration frontier for ultra deep wells. The area of reservoir of DAVY JONES is calculated to be 200 ft of sand bearing oil has been identified in six zones of Wilcox section of EOCENE-PALEOCENE. Moffett has been regarded to use JIMBOB-OLOGY because he worked on his instinct and geology, and building an ultra deep well was a game of no brainer. The results of Mc Moran oil field, where currently 6 well are drilled are producing 55 MMcfe/d net from Mc Moran.
The well which was drilled was re-entry of an abandoned well and was estimated to have from 2 to 6 Tcfe of reserves according to source. The sand below 27,300 ft has been logged to be found the best quality WILCOX sand in GOM. All the zones were full from top to base. Flow rates of six different zones can be found by flow testing.
The sharp tongued Moffett is known as an expert in onshore Miocene, because of its abundant production on land. Fortunately the Miocene doesn’t just stay on shore and that was the reason for Moffett to take a risky and dangerous path and drill ultra deep horizons. Mc Moran’s gas wells focuses mainly o the large structures above salt joints i.e. listric faults, in the deep Miocene below the salt joint in Miocene and older lithology that have been co-related to the productive sections of the wells that have been drilled by other companies.
Moffett stated that DAVY JONES has hit EOCENE sand that are of very good quality i.e. 20% more porosity and 10-20 ohms resistivity. It is a wild cat well in a very mature basin that covers 20,000 acres. The subsurface below salt joint is a whole new world of geology. Moffett also said that it is one of the biggest misconceptions that shallow water formation is different from deep water formation because they are engineering division not geologic division. Although deep wells are complex, risky, time and cost consuming but with experience and efficiency this hurdle can also be achieved.