Patch Adams is a very heartwarming and emotional movie

Patch Adams is a very heartwarming and emotional movie. The movie is about a man named Hunter Adams that goes by the name of Patch Adams trying to make the quality of life better. The beginning of the movie starts off by Patch being in a asylum for depression and trying to commit suicide. In the asylum Patch figured out what he wanted to do by helping out his roommate, Rudy. His roommate was terrified of squirrels Patch turned his fear into a imagination game and connected with Rudy. Patch realized that he found so much joy in helping others that he wanted to leave the asylum and enroll in medical school to pursue his dream.
In patch’s first year of medical he stood out from everyone else his questions weren’t related to the patients medical problem. He was alway more interested in what his/her name was he wanted to have a personal connection with the patient to make them feel more comfortable.