Olivia Hammond Professor Mason Composition I 9 October 2018 The Grapes of Wrath Response The life of a farmer in the 1930s was difficult and did not provide the profit they required

Olivia Hammond

Professor Mason

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Composition I

9 October 2018

The Grapes of Wrath Response

The life of a farmer in the 1930s was difficult and did not provide the profit they required. The fields did not produce as well as they used to, and They were left with the choice to move to California or stay with their farms and struggle to maintain a decent lifestyle. Countless farmers picked up and moved to California to find a better life for their families. The road trip to California was often long, involving multiple stops at service stations to repair their beaten-up cars. Servicemen up charged parts for cars because they knew the farmers could not protest. The trip from Oklahoma to California was extremely difficult, and frequent stops for gas or a mechanic visit made the journey go on for so long. The Joads’ lifestyle required them to do them to sell their belongings, leave the land they had always called home and embark on a difficult journey.

After Tom Joad was released from McAlester State Penitentiary, he began his journey back to his Uncle Tom’s. On his way he ran into Jim Casy, his former preacher who baptized him when he was young. The two men stopped to catch up then resumed the journey to the Joads’ together. Ma and Pa Joad initially thought Tom escaped, not expecting him to be let out on parole, but still happy to have their son home. Pa explained to Tom that they were going to California and they started the process to head out. Pa went to town and sold their belongings, only earning the family an extra eighteen dollars. Grampa Joad wanted to stay behind with the farm, he believed that though the land was bad, it was still his. However, the Joads were not going to leave without anyone so they laced his coffee with a sleep medicine and loaded him in the truck when he fell asleep. The Joad family, bringing along Jim Casy, begin their journey to California in their family truck.

The Joads knew the trip was going to be hard, Ma was worried California would not be worth the struggle. The family still piled into their truck and headed off to find a better life. They hoped to restart their farm and make a profit when they reached the new land. Leaving the farm and all of their neighbors was hard for them, however, it was all they could do. Tom and his siblings grew up on that farm, the hope for a better life kept them going. Casy had roots there as well, leaving friends and neighbors in Oklahoma. No matter how hard the journey, the Joads pushed through and set off to find a new home in California.


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