“Junk food should be banned from school canteens” Introduction

“Junk food should be banned from school canteens”
Basic Background Information
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Thesis Statement
Junk food has killed many children and other ages from the overweightness. So many children in schools have been bullied. There was many children that suffered from obesity and that they were always picked on. According to Dr Jarrod Carrington he said that junk food should be banned and that the food is not healthy. It’s not committed for children they need to live a good life not a miserable life with types of diseases. It will cause many things that will affect the lives of people. Kids will save the money that they get for their pocket money. They spend it on junk food and is not helping them in any way. The junk food is not healthy for the children and they are they will not help our healthy they will concentrate during class


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