Israt Jahan Promi May 28

Israt Jahan Promi
May 28, 2018
Response paper on “A Methodical History of Language Teaching”
In the chapter “A Methodical History of Language Teaching” Douglas Brown talks about

In this paper, I will discuss about all the methods mentioned in this chapter by Brown for learning a second language and how these methods help learners to learn another language.
At first, Anthony defines approach, methods and techniques which are the key concept of second language learning. According to Anthony, an approach “was a set of assumptions dealing with the nature of language, learning, and teaching”. He described method as “an overall plan for systematic presentation of language based upon a selected approach. Techniques

After that, there are few methods which are used for learning a new language. The first method is the Grammar Translation Method. While using the method, classes are conducted in the student’s native language. This method focuses on the reading and writing skills of target language. Grammar is taught deductively.