Adventure Tourism is a kind of niche tourism which involve fun, exploration, travel with risk and physical exertion which connects your mind with nature. So, tree top trekking is also one of the adventure travel where we can enjoy zip-lining, trekking and eco-tourism and it is located near by heart lake conservation area, this park offers a variety of different age-group courses with thrilling experience. This kind of traveling is for adventurous traveler and this will be your favourite adventure destination if you haven’t try this than try this once.
1.ZIP-LINING: it includes pulley suspended on a connection and mounted on slope. It was expected to enable a traveler moved by gravity from the top with holding the pulley. It was one the best part of the park where I enjoyed a lot as it means an entertainment for me and best zip line I had ever tried. Moreover, instructions were given to us which makes the zip lining easier. It was one of the best way to take part and enjoy the physical activity.
2.FRIENDLY STAFF: This trekking trip was successful for me just because of the good instructions given by the staff. Staff was very welcoming and friendly with everyone. Each and everyone was nervous about the trekking, but guiders were over there to examine everyone and help someone who stuck in course and remain with them until the end of the course. One of the best safety rule was that hook was never able to be detached from safety line until you got down on ground.
3.AERIAL COURSES: This park offers 5 aerial courses with 7 zip lines. They start from the basic one which was beginning point after than middle one which then get advance so that there must be different something in every part of step. It’s get harder by each course. This was a kind of recreational activity which needs strength, endurance and physical abilities.
EXPECTATIONS: Time and money spent was well worth on price. It was one of the best experience we can get just 30 minutes away from city. It is being wonderful and awesome fun over there with tree top obstacles and zip lines. Fear of heights were finished over there which was one of my expectations from there. Overall a wonderful experience and great fun.
MOTIVATIONS: Tree top trekking was a kind of motivation which includes nature and discovery, learning, expanded worldwide, transformation and mental health. This was a new and different experiences which we all get over there with amazing nature loving place. It was a kind of physical, cultural and recreational activity which changes the life of busy man who can get enough time for enjoying the nature with mental stability as well. Mind gets fresh over there without thinking about the life and forgot he stress of life as well. It was now become a pleasant memory in our mind which we whenever remember always remaining happy. So, it was a type of activities for them who want to enjoy the life with relax and peace. Moreover, wide range of travel may change the health problems. Secondly, this thrilling experience was very exciting and inspiring. By this we gained lots of knowledge about the niche tourism and eco-tourism. We get to know how to respond to new challenges in life by participating in each part of obstacles and set some goals that how get out from those problems. By this I personally learned lots of things like self-confidence, strength and power. Thirdly, transformation is another motivation which changes the adventure tourism. Earlier there were no trekking spots were made to enjoy the trekking and hiking. Now these man-made infrastructure increases adventure tourism just because of that. Fourthly, world wide experience of life changes if we go for adventure travel then we get emerged in nature and feel the nature so that we forgot the life and enjoy the world-wide view of nature. That was the unique and distinct experience which can be experienced by true adventure lover. Lastly, we can explore lots of things from nature which can be very relaxing for our mind. Likewise, tree top trekking is kind of place where we can feel the nature with lake side view as well. Moreover, it is a kind of place where we can do photo shoots from heights and lake side as well. It is a kind of key feature which will motivate the traveler to go.
RECOMMENDATIONS: As a traveler we all need some new and different experiences so that we don’t get bored of it. But tree top trekking doesn’t need any changes for that it is a good adventurous place where we can enjoy nature and recreational activity as well. But I recommend that there must be some changes over there for increasing more traveler for this summer. Firstly, there must be some food and beverage arrangements for travelers because it’s to hot over there and we felt so hungry after doing trekking. Moreover, this will increase the tourist over there. Secondly, it must be open after October as well because adventure can be experienced not only in summers, but it can be experienced in winters as well. It will be unique experience for adventure traveler. Overall, it is a wonderful experience over there. I highly recommend this adventure travel for adventurous people who want thrill in their life should go once.


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