Imagining the world after a century is not a very difficult task

Imagining the world after a century is not a very difficult task. We would see human embedded computers according to futurologists Ian Pearson and Patrick Tucker people will have some kind of chips in their minds to make them work faster. They would transfer thoughts in form of human files. Secondly In those days Global warming would be at its peak and people would then understand the importance of forests. As science is progressing these days it won’t be awkward to say that death at time would be just an opinion. People even now a day’s don’t take death seriously and at that time it would be a totally different scenario. The concept of death would totally be demolished.
Pollution would be at its peak and it would be difficult for people to survive on earth hence temporary residential areas would be made on mars and other planets so that people could spend some of the time in their although it would only be for wealthy people. These Wealthy people would start living beneath water. As there would be so much pollution on earth. It is confidently said that if the population of earth keeps on increasing in the same manner after hundred years there would be shortage of water and food. People will depend on sea food. Even In the twenty first century world is technology oriented and at that time people will be totally dependent on technology. This would create a huge impact in the society people will be so busy in their lives that their social life would be finished. People won’t meet each other as it is minimized now days.
We are already witnessing electronic currency and at that time there would be only one currency used worldwide. According to historians most of the minor languages are dying and till that time only three languages would be left English, Spanish and Chinese. All the countries at that time would be nuclear power and the countries that are powerful now days will make hydrogen bombs and that will be a major threat to the world as hydrogen bombs are very explosive.
Space elevators would be made at that time due to the technological advancements. This means that we can stand on the elevators and travel to the space easily. Space travel would be very cheap if we compare them to spaceships. Deserts will look like tropical forests as the tree planting drive is moving towards deserts as well. Weather would be controlled by humans as it is being now to some extent. We are already controlling rain we can have artificial rain whenever we want it.
Robots would be used very commonly in the world. Most of our works will be done by robots. Our minds will work as fast as computers with some kind of chips in them. This would make humans very lazy and they would they have more time to relax. Conclusively twenty second century would be full of technology and not a single task would be done without technology.


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