Functional departmentalization

Functional departmentalization, is an organization that organized into departments based on the respective functions each performs for the organization. It is very efficiency because each groups in an organization focus for their own work but it has limited view of an organizational goals by worker since each worker just focus in its department. For example, front of house(FOH) worker does not know the production in back of house(BOH) of an organisation.

Process departmentalization-departments are separated based on their role in a production process. In example of a catering order of a sets of fried chicken with mashed potato and drink. Divided a three group one with frying chicken,making mashed potato the second group and last group fill in drinks to make it become one set of food.

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Product departmentalization, departments are separated based on a type of product produced by the company and responsible for producing and selling the type of product assigned to them.


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