SUBJECT: English Composition & Comprehension
TEACHER: Sadia Nauman
Project: Article Review
Group Members:
Sameet Asadullah (18i-0479)
Talha Mustafa (18i-0573)
Section: C
This article was posted in Pakistan Herald on January 03,2013 by Maliha Naveed on the reasons of low level of education in Pakistan. She explained why the level of education in Pakistan is low and what we should do to improve it. Education is the main thing on which the future of Pakistan depends that’s why in this article, she described about importance of education and defined some of the main reasons of lack of education in Pakistan. These reasons include gender discrimination, cost of education, less job opportunities, low income and mismanagement of government. To succeed in our life, we should take all these reasons in a very serious manner.

Maliha Naveed explained how Pakistan is lagging behind in supplying the resources required for a better education system. The lack of interest of government towards the improvement of education system is one of the many causes of low level of education in Pakistan. These problems are not because of the government only but also because of the social and cultural orientation of the people. One of main reasons of low level of education is gender discrimination – Many parents do not send their daughters to school, colleges because of the concern of their safety and mobility. Mostly this occurs in rural areas than urban. Enrollment by rural girls is 45% lower than by urban girls while for boys the difference is of 10% only. Another reason is poverty – many talented people kids cannot study because their parents can’t afford to pay for the costly education, they force their child to work and provide for their family and as a result a lot of talent is being wasted. She also explained how less job opportunities are reducing the value of education in Pakistan. Many well-educated people can’t find a job they deserve and as a result many people are moving abroad for studies and better job opportunities. According to Maliha Naveed, returns to education are greater for women than men and in case of wages women ears less than men because of unequal opportunities. Then she described about different measures to improve the education system in Pakistan. She said that the government take good interest towards improving the education system of Pakistan. The government should focus on provision of education, build new free schools, colleges or with less cost which should be easily affordable for poor people, provide better job opportunities, reduce the cost of education, provide scholarships to talented people who can’t afford to pay for their education, they should provide equal facilities to both men and women. Not only the government but the people of Pakistan should also change their thoughts and attitude in this perspective. They should let their daughters study and do their best for the education of their children. It’s their duty to provide for their children. Maliha Naveed tried to sum up some of the main reasons of low level of education in Pakistan. She described the reasons well, explaining the main points, giving a good overall view of the article. She did miss some points and I also contradict with some of her points. But overall it is a good and well explained article on why the education is system is low and how to improve it. I agree with her that that the education system is low, and the government and people should work their way to improve it. The government is careless and isn’t taking the measures they should. Also, the people should change their mindset and improve their social and cultural orientation. She explained about gender discrimination that parent don’t send their daughter because of fear of their safety. But I contradict with this point, the world is very much modern now and this old mindset is not the main reason anymore. I believe that nowadays there’s equality of gender and men and women enjoy equal rights. Although I agree that there are still some people with old mindset, but their ratio is in a very low amount now and it’s not a main reason anymore. If we talk about veil, there are many ways for girls to do veil and it doesn’t mean that because of this they can’t study or can’t go out of their homes.

Then she explained about the costly education and I fully agree with her on this, the education in Pakistan is very costly. It is hard for parents to decide whether to send their children to government school or private school. Private school are very expensive, but the education level is good in contrast with cheap government schools with low education level. Many parents can’t even afford for their children’s primary education and they force them to work and provide for their family and a lot of talent is being wasted. And many extraordinary students stop studying after college because they can’t afford the costly education on university level. After that she explained about return of education, it is also very serious issue, many people can’t find a job they deserve after sixteen years of education, and all their hard work and money is being wasted. As a result, many people think that their efforts will be wasted here, and they go abroad for better education and job opportunities. She explained that returns to education are greater for women, but wages are not as compared to men. I totally disagree with it because now a day’s women and men have equal opportunities in this case. Wages or income for women are equal to men. Both are on same platform. Their wages differ with their different type of knowledge or experience only. Now, some of the few reasons she didn’t elaborate in her article are harsh behavior of teachers and bad environment in rural areas. The government only cares about improving urban areas because of which the rural areas are not getting much attention. The school in rural areas have a very bad environment and the teachers don’t care because they are not getting paid enough. Much of talented and extraordinary students living in rural areas don’t get opportunities to improve their skills and get a better lifestyle. This article doesn’t aware us about the ranking of Pakistan in educational perspective. Maliha Naveed should discuss about the ranking of Pakistan which is obviously not good because of our poor education system throughout the world.

At the end, it is concluded that the main reasons due to which our country is not on top in educational point of view is Gender Discrimination, poverty, high cost of education and no job opportunities. To improve the cynical condition of education the government should take interest towards the betterment of education system, build new schools in rural areas, provide all the resources required for a proper educational system, reduce the cost of education, provide better facilities and job opportunities to people and provide them the salary packages they deserve. Not only the government but the people should also change their old mindsets and be more social and modern. If we adopt these things we can improve the system of education in Pakistan which is best for both the people and the country.