As I learned about mole today

As I learned about mole today, I realized that I had some misconceptions. One of my misconceptions is I thought that mole is just a simple unit without any functions that can be used in real life, but in fact, mole has a lot more to talk about. Mole can be converted into atoms, used in making effervescent and a lot more. Today’s lesson also taught me that studying is not just based on memorizing the concept but we also should understand it. We can understand it through the concept or we can use some examples, like the examples we used today. The example was using the people in marriage. There were four men but there are only two women. In the law of Singapore, marriage can only be one man and one woman which means there are only two couples and left two men. This example can be used to determine which is the limiting reactant and excess reactant. I believe that today’s lessons have helped me clear up my huge misunderstanding which can affect my future chemistry lessons.