According to Ernst

According to Ernst & Young (2011) that, Program complexity is increscent at a faster rank than companies can adapt. While circle have been cautious with IT investments over the last few years, investment portfolios are now being expanded to keep up with emerging technology trends or to master costly gift issues. Gartner soothsay an increase in IT spending will be uniform at an mean standard of 5.3% per year through 2015.1 Gartner also indicates that approximately 20% to 50% of a company’s IT spending will be centred on programs and outshoot — depending on an organization’s initiatives. However, organizations abide to struggle to give forth on their large IT programs. Most programs do not come in on yield, are delivered too lately or do not meet their objectives. While crew have adorn significantly in increasing their knowledge and capabilities in notice and project management, this is not visible in the


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