4. Explain how as a member of the mental health care team you worked to place the interests of the patient(s) at the center of the inter-professional health care delivery during this clinical experience. (Course Outcome 3, IPEC VE 1- Competency & Professional Identity Formation).

5. Describe a time during this clinical experience where you worked in cooperation with those who receive care, those who provide care, and others who contribute to or support the delivery of prevention and health services (Course Outcomes, 1 & 3, IPEC VE 5 & Inter-professional Identity Formation).

C. Read Chapter 5 in your Townsend/Morgan Textbook (Legal/Ethical). Read the following article. Compose a 1-2 page reflection that outlines what you learned about the concepts of professional boundaries and nursing ethics when interacting with patients, families, and inter-professional team after reading this article. Be prepared to hand this in and discuss your findings during Seminar. (Course Outcomes 1, 2, 3 & Professional Identity Formation).