The responsibility of the project manager is to inspect, establish and coordinate the entire project and the staff who are work on site. This is to finish the project within budget set by employer, and complete work on schedule and the quality of workmanship. Through the life of the project, Project manager is to observe the provided quality control measures are executed and preserved. Besides, project manager also ensure the stock and the expropriations for subcontract are ready and hand over on time.

The responsibilities of site manager is make sure that the cost of construction project within budget and can accomplished on time. In construction site, site manager usually begin its work before construction. For the senior construction manager, they will take for whole project which known as project manager. Beside for the junior site managers will just be responsible for only part of a project. The roles of the site manager include inspecting the direction of the project and assuring that fulfill all the specification and requirement from the client. Site manager discuss the project cost with the quantity surveyor. Site manager also choosing the materials and tools, coordinate and manage construction worker. Site manager keep quality controls and procedures.

The role of the site engineers is to supply site engineering duties for project within the area. Site engineer will set up the level and the detailed works to make sure that the check are made. Site Engineer ensures that records are precise and accomplish with organizational and legal requirements. They also analyze all the technical difficulties which unexpected and other problems that may appear. Besides, site engineer ensure records are precise and accomplish with organizational and legal requirements. Site engineer discuss with the procurement department and prepare procurement schedules for the jobs to make sure site have sufficient of resources to accomplish the tasks.

The responsible of the site supervisor is to supervise a building project. Beside that the duties and responsibilities of the site supervisor is to make sure to produce high standard of work consistently by the way of regular quality inspections with sub-contractors which according to the specification and quality standards. To assuring the appliance of common operational procedures, site supervisor should supervise sub-contractor every day. Site supervisor must ensure that material expropriation in sufficient time to comply construction procedures. Site supervisor should also check and control all materials and plant once in every week.

The role of the Site Clerk is to support the Construction Site Staff with administrative duties, frame walk-throughs and site documentation. They also help the Site Superintendents in the Activities in every day of an Active Construction Site. Besides, site clerk need to plan and retain communication and documentation.

The responsible of architect manager is to guiding the whole project of architectural including budget and implementation of the project. They giving recommendations during site visit and execute site inspection. Other than that, before the project design get approval, architect manager conduct discussions and meeting with professionals of the organization and different members. The responsibilities of architect manager also include obtaining construction bids, employing and choosing contractors and arbitrating construction contracts.

Site quantity surveyors ensure the commitment with contractual requirements and the Company’s ‘Three Pillar’ objectives and supply commercial support to project teams and retaining commercial information. Other than that, Quantity surveyor are responsible to communicate with third parties on commercial issues and representative of customer about the agreement of variations, any additional payments and claims. The responsibilities of quantity surveyor include precise and timely cost and value informing at both project and business. Site quantity surveyor also conduct cost management including, cost and commercial plans and predicting Update the monthly CVR. Site quantity surveyor keenly tried to enhance procedures and processes.

Main Duties of a Safety Officer is to supervise the commissioning preventative maintenance, repair services and installation. Safety Officer makes sure onsite and compliance that are outage for all maintenance activities that are planned. The Health, Environmental procedures and Safety are insures compliance with the customer by the Safety Officer. Besides, Safety Officer prepares and carries out the Health Plan and Site Safety. Safety Officer develops measure to ensure worker’s personnel safety. Safety Officer also responsibilities in evaluate and observe dangerous and unsettled situations.