Invest, 2 Family Homes for Sale in RI Riverside Providence County

Investment 2 Family Homes for Sale in RI between $85K-$125K

Lately I’ve been asked by several people if they could find houses in the price range of $85-$125K in Riverside, RI. The answer is a resounding “YES”!

Riverside, RI is really a village. It’s area of the bigger area referred to as East Providence, RI. Riverside reaches the southern tip of East Providence, and borders the city of Barrington and Narragansett Bay. The primary roads running through Riverside are Pawtucket Ave, Bullocks Point Ave, Willett Ave, Crescent View Ave, Forbes St & Wampanoag Trail.

History for 2 Family Homes for Sale in RI

   Here is a little area history for you personally. A number of from the single family houses in Riverside, RI for sale between $85k-$125k are converted summer time cottages. Within the late 1800’s to early 1900’s these houses were once summer time cottages in which the well to complete would spend their summers. Because Riverside is seaside they’d enjoy swimming in Narragansett Bay or going to the old theme park referred to as Crescent Park circa 1886.

To single family houses for sale in Riverside. Riverside home values vary wildly from $69,000 to $799,000. You’ll find almost any type and elegance of home in Riverside. Bungalows, Cape Cod styles, Colonials to Ranches. It comes down to what you can spend where you need to live.

My advice to anybody contemplating buying just one family house in Riverside, RI would be to driver around and look for the region. Make certain it provides the thing you need when it comes to walkability, schools, shopping, highway access etc. Please achieve to me for those who have any queries about homes for purchase in Riverside, RI.